Enterprise CarShare

Tasked with launching Enterprise CarShare in the Washington, DC market, RedPeg is responsible for spreading awareness, educating consumers, and most importantly, acquiring new members to the program. Day in and day out, RedPeg Brand Ambassadors hit the streets of DC, and Arlington, VA, to generate Enterprise CarShare memberships through guerilla marketing efforts and special events.

The RedPeg team has tallied over 13,000 staffing hours, participated in over 30 premier special events days, and created over 65 partnership and customer appreciation events. Through thousands of interactions, the team has helped Enterprise CarShare breakthrough and find its place in the competitive alternative transportation market.


NBA Nation

NBA Nation, the league’s largest mobile basketball playground, spent the summer rolling from coast-to-coast, engaging local fans as they explored 20,000 square feet of NBA action. At each of the 8 activations, the Nation team and Nation’s official Ambassador, NBA legend Darryl Dawkins, were joined by local NBA and WNBA players and legends, dance teams, dunk teams, and mascots. On-site basketball fans created their own play-by-play videos; competed in various skill drills; made the basket of a lifetime on a 25’ hoop; requested songs at the interactive DJ Booth; and watched top amateur dunkers compete in a Slam Dunk Showdown.


To help Italy’s favorite coffee increase brand awareness and market share in North America, RedPeg activated two sampling events in Chicago and Toronto.  Brand Ambassadors engaged consumers and shared Lavazza key messaging to maintain excitement and a positive brand experience.

For a second year in a row, Lavazza was a sponsor of the Rogers Cup tennis tournament in Toronto. Onsite presence included exclusive pouring rights, in-stadium signage, a court-side branded coffee lounge, a 10’x20’ sampling booth in the Retail Village, and lead sponsorship of Tuesday night’s matches (aka “Italian Night”).

Between the two sampling events and the Rogers Cup, a total of 47,661 samples were distributed, with 83,892 unique engagements, and over 370,000 on-site impressions. Feedback from consumers showed that the events increased their intent to purchase Lavazza in the future.


Zyrtec Springtime in Central Park

It’s already difficult to reach allergy sufferers in allergy season, but when McNeil Healthcare asked RedPeg to promote Zyrtec’s transition to OTC in winter, we had a challenge. So RedPeg fast-forwarded the calendar and created the Zrytec Spring Wonderland Dome, an enclosed “spring experience.” Visitors entered a 30-foot welcome/education dome and continued into a 100-foot springtime environment, generating more than 30 million media impressions through a combination of media. Incremental sales were estimated at $2.6 million. Satisfyingly, more than 20,000 visitors visited the dome.



Drambuie Nail or Fail promotion refreshed the iconic liqueur, keeping it relevant with the spiking young cocktail drinker and earning buy-in from key influencers. Bartenders in 125 accounts developed drinks inspired by the classic Rusty Nail. Bar takeovers allowed consumers to sample and vote for their favorite version, leading to 15,000 mixed and sampled. A virtual reality experience gave customers a look into “The Pursuit,” a Drambuie maker’s journey across the Scottish highlands. Extensive coverage in promoter channels, independent newspapers and magazines.

Texas on Tour

You can’t send a Texas vacation sample in the mail. To give guests a real-life Texas experience, RedPeg simulated the best parts of a Texas vacation in a full-scale tour. We created the largest traveling tourism exhibit in the U.S. with 7 interactive areas equating to regions of Texas such as 360-degree virtual reality kayak, trivia dome, and live music stage. More than 1.2 million people saw the tour, nearly 200,000 experienced it, positive perception was raised by 22%, and drove an estimated $91 million worth of revenue in tourism dollars.

Rosetta Stone The Manhattan Project

To help launch Rosetta Stone version 3, we created a language barrier experience in Manhattan. RedPeg hired bilingual models to approach pedestrians in a flirtatious way, speaking their native tongue. After the failure-to-communicate exercise, guests received a card: “It’s a shame we couldn’t chat” and an invitation for a free online trial of Version 3. 16% of all cards distributed resulted in a trial. And it was featured on the Today Show, CBS Early Show and in PR Week.

The Energy Lab

Educational programs specializing in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are in decline. RedPeg and The National Guard created the Mobile Learning Center to inspire and deliver a STEM experience to underserved students. After a PR launch in Washington, DC, the MLC delivered more than 4 million media impressions, reached over 15,000 students and saw a 1,000% increase in Facebook fans.


Chevrolet Experience Program

To illustrate Chevrolet’s new innovation and technology, we made the medium a key part of the message. The Chevy Experience was a tech experience targeted toward new car buyers. Touchscreens offered a custom paint scheme experience, augmented reality and classic Camaro trivia. Over 172 days, we logged almost 18,000 interactions and over 5,000 qualified leads. Dealers have credited the program with their measurable sales increases.

Cadillac Washington Kastles

RedPeg and the Washington Kastles, a Professional World Team Tennis team, created a custom integrated marketing partnership package that made Cadillac the official automotive sponsor of the team. We reached targeted audiences beyond official team matches alone. Fully branded Cadillac Clinics were held at Washington, DC area clubs and gave guests an unforgettable experience – instruction from former French Open champion, and Kastles team coach, Murphy Jensen. In-stadium sponsorship and clinics had over 12,000 interactions, offering high quality leads for Washington Area Cadillac Dealers.