Bud Light


To better reach millennials in the Miami market, Bud Light enlisted the help of RedPeg to reinvent the traditional bar programs. Understanding the social media behaviors of this audience, RedPeg developed an innovative digital-experiential Vine program for the most influential advocate in the space — the bartenders.

With the help of famous Vine magician, Zach King, RedPeg produced a series of Bud Light-inspired Vines starring Miami’s most popular bartenders. Having thoroughly enjoyed the program process, participating bartenders and accounts increased their favorable perception of Bud Light, noting the brand’s digital marketing innovation as well as the brand’s genuine interest in partnering with them as advocates.

The participating bartenders along with other local bartenders from top accounts were then invited to an exclusive mansion party to celebrate the premiere of the videos.

The program was a great success in not only reconnecting Bud Light with Miami bartenders but also engaging with the millennial audience through the final social media content. With the help of the brand’s paid spend, one video alone reached 44 million people with an engagement rate over 21% on Facebook – far above the industry average.