5 Key Questions We Answered at ADWKDC

Inspiration, affirmation and motivation—that is why people attend conferences like ADWKDC. For me, it was a bit different this time as I was called upon to instill the aforementioned feelings in others.

What do you think is your specialty?

I would have to say my specialty is the study of human behavior and the ability to think critically. In my position, you don’t get do-overs so you need to gets things right the first time around. I have a keen ability to understand people and organizations and how they act in various scenarios. Marketing is all about how people behave, digest information, make decisions, interact with others and interact within systems. By understanding what drives each variables and how they work together, I’m able to build programs that drive change in behavior and habits.

What do you think about integration of social and digital media and the use of these channels to provide complex marketing solutions for your organization?

If you are talking channels, you are WRONG—plain and simple. The execution and the channels are critical in defining the success of a campaign but the core success for any campaign is the idea and strategy behind it. Start with the strategy and idea, then focus on the execution and relevant channels.

12036600_10153139443816630_747005398889282888_nHow has the creative brief evolved for your organization with the expansion of digital an social media platforms?

First, we must distinguish a creative brief from a design brief. Second, you can toss aside traditional briefs because they’re all convoluted. Ultimately, my goal is to re-write an entire brief into one sentence or less because if you can’t do that, you don’t really understand what you’re solving for. We do, of course, expand on these briefs to include background, documentation and the lot, but it all boils down to our one sentence or less goal then getting buy-in from key stakeholders.

Do you have any advice for up and coming marketing professionals?

If you are not a problem solver, you are a problem. I always tell folks who work for me,

“don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.”

For marketers, our job is to solve the puzzle of promoting, selling, advocating for or simply changing what people think, feel and do. We are tasked with understanding a problem, need or opportunity in a market and figuring out how to effectively communicate our solution. To sum that up: BE A PROBLEM SOLVER. Learn everything you can. Take a few risks and enjoy the ride. If that’s too simple, here is something with a few more ‘buzz words’ to jazz it up. Think Critically. Apply Practically. Be Creative. Be Bold. Execute Flawlessly.

As the great Bill Belichick says over and over, “Do your job.” For me, my job was to impart wisdom upon hungry, young, eager-to-learn professionals. ADWKDC was the time for me to preach what I practice. If the audience found one key takeaway from the series of great questions, I’ve done my job.

Verizon Destination Launch

RedPeg designed and produced Verizon’s “Destination” flagship store grand opening, the 5th of its kind in the world. The objective was to show how technology fuels the Southern California lifestyle with a weekend experience spanning over two blocks along the famous Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA. More than 4,600 people viewed the footprint with 600 personally experiencing the store.

Activations included:  

  • Live public performance by global recording artists, Icona Pop, for over 2,000 fans
  • Dew Tour “Game of Skate” competition followed by meet and greet with the professional skaters
  • Fitness classes hosted by NBC’s The Biggest Loser trainer, Kim Lyons
  • Custom skate deck giveaways designed by local artist, Thank You X


Warner Brothers’ LEGO Dimensions

Tapped by Warner Bros., RedPeg created and built the ultimate launch experience for touted video game release, LEGO Dimensions, at this year’s Comic-Con. The footprint itself took over a massive Hard Rock Hotel ballroom, transforming it into an immersive environment complete with custom-built LEGO creations and custom-fabricated arches. The best part? It was the first public live gameplay of the LEGO Dimensions game. Launching on September 27th, the tour continues in Austin, TX from September 4-6.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Ever consider if you have what it takes to complete the American Ninja Warrior course? How about what it would feel like to be a real-life assassin? We answered both questions at Comic-Con 2015 with the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Experience. More than 40,000 from the sold out convention took a stab (no pun intended) at the fully outfitted obstacle course set to Victorian London.

Bud Light

To better reach millennials in the Miami market, Bud Light enlisted the help of RedPeg to reinvent the traditional bar programs. Understanding the social media behaviors of this audience, RedPeg developed an innovative digital-experiential Vine program for the most influential advocate in the space — the bartenders.

With the help of famous Vine magician, Zach King, RedPeg produced a series of Bud Light-inspired Vines starring Miami’s most popular bartenders. Having thoroughly enjoyed the program process, participating bartenders and accounts increased their favorable perception of Bud Light, noting the brand’s digital marketing innovation as well as the brand’s genuine interest in partnering with them as advocates.

The participating bartenders along with other local bartenders from top accounts were then invited to an exclusive mansion party to celebrate the premiere of the videos.

The program was a great success in not only reconnecting Bud Light with Miami bartenders but also engaging with the millennial audience through the final social media content. With the help of the brand’s paid spend, one video alone reached 44 million people with an engagement rate over 21% on Facebook – far above the industry average.



What is the “Art of Evolution”?

It’s the style and class of Mercedes-Benz that has evolved through 128 years and captured the eyes and hearts of each new generation of car buyers.

To showcase the luxury car brand’s newest 2015 models, RedPeg produced the “Art of Evolution” launch parties for two major Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the Northern Virginia area. Each night featured an exclusive experience for new and existing customers with a DJ, live percussion, live street art, and hors d’ oeuvres by Top Chef’s Spike Mendelsohn.