4 Ways Your Company Can Give Back on Giving Tuesday

by Jay Selig, Marketing & PR Manager

Tomorrow is Tuesday! More importantly, it’s Giving Tuesday—the oft-overshadowed youngest child in the slew of special days following Thanksgiving. First you have Thanksgiving (the best holiday of the year), followed by the infamous Black Friday and slightly less infamous Cyber Monday. Once Tuesday comes around, it seems fatigue sets in and the energy isn’t quite there for Giving Tuesday.

For socially conscious companies, Giving Tuesday is the chance to reverse the script that consumers have written. Companies talk about being charitable, and what better way to showcase their philanthropy than by giving back to others as well as the people who work tirelessly to make the company a success.

Unsure of how you can make an impact this year? Here are several easy ideas that can show everyone the love and make an impact in your community.


Giving can be accomplished in many ways, but one that should come particularly easy to most people and companies is donation. Donations come in equally diverse forms, each of which holds great value and sentiment. Some ideas off the top of my head include:

  • Canned Goods
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Office Equipment


Everyone holds onto things for too long. You do yourself, as an individual, and your company a favor by emptying out your closets. Best of all, you’re filling a need for many others who are less fortunate.

Thank You Notes

At every age, we’re reminded to send thank you notes to share our gratitude to one another. Unfortunately, as the years have passed, we’ve digressed from meaningful handwritten notes to passive emails that are often mass-produced. It’s time we go back to that simpler time!

You can write to clients, vendors, or someone in between, but the thought does not go unnoticed. One thing we’ve done and continue to do is pen letters to those serving overseas in the military to thank them for their service. It doesn’t have to be much, but even a few simple words can make a world of difference.


Time is money, that’s for sure. However, time spent volunteering can have an impact far more valuable than money. You don’t even have to dedicate an entire day to volunteer work; a couple hours is plenty!

We’ve made a point to not only collect canned goods every year for the food bank, but to donate several of our hours to the bank as well. The food bank is an important one, but there are countless places you can volunteer your time.

Provide your employees a list of local places to volunteer and let them contribute to something meaningful to them. A staff that promotes good will and prosperity elsewhere will only continue to spread that feeling throughout the workplace.

Raise Money

Time and tangible items are valuable things to give on Giving Tuesday, but money isn’t a bad idea either. You can raise it as a company or you can give it out of your own company pocket—either will do.

Not only will that money make a huge difference for various organizations, but you can make waves around your own company. How? Create a fundraising competition through social media.

Home Depot previously ran a campaign called #DoingMore4Vets, which simply donated $1 for every retweet using the hashtag. eBay awarded three $50,000 grants to three nonprofits that earned the most favorites on Twitter.

There are countless ways to raise money, but any way you do it counts!

Bonus: Treat the Employees

Everyone gets a warm feeling from helping out those less fortunate. It gives everyone a renewed purpose and refocuses their priorities. So while your employees spend their time paying it forward, take the time to give thanks to them for their hard work in this time and the year as a whole.

This can be something like early dismissal, a lunch on the house, or even a heart felt thank you from the top. It’s great to give, but it feels great for employees to be thanked as well.

Final Thought

Giving should be a priority rather than an afterthought for all brands and individuals alike. We can’t all do it year round, but Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to step up and make a difference.

It’s not a once a year occasion to be charitable. Ingrain it in your company DNA which in turn will ingrain it into your employees. We need more giving in the world. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

What other ways have you and your company given back on Giving Tuesday?